Blogging Blogging Rules of Writing Content

Blogging – Blogging Rules of Writing Content

Blogging is not all about setting up your own blog, writing a few content, and expect to rake in thousands of sales or leads on a monthly basis. Like any other marketing tactic, there are rules to be followed to guarantee both success and efficiency. For example, you can’t simply create a TV commercial without following the guidelines set forth by your media regulating board. Blogging also follows a set of rules and regulations that would not only guarantee success, but also control the quality of blogs that are being published on a daily basis.
As a business owner, it is important that you recognize these rules of writing content if you want to start a blog for your business.
1.) Plagiarism is a big NO-NO in the world of blogging, and technology is available to trace who’s been duplicating which content. When you’re blogging, keep your content original, or if you have to get some pieces of content from other sources, do you best to acknowledge them. Plagiarising content can also get you penalized in search engines.
2.) Stay away from BS – BS stands for bull manure (no profanities), and in the world of businesses, BS is dominant. When you’re blogging, you have the power to paint a picture of your services and products through words. However, you shouldn’t try to sugar-coat your products with BS. In line with rule #1 (original content), your posts should be as honest as possible. Don’t include features or services that you are offering. Otherwise, you’re just going to create a bad name for you and your business.
3.) Learn proper English grammar – The Internet is filled with Grammar Nazis, or people who love to correct grammatical errors. Online, your business’s reputation is as good as your ability to write English. Needless to say, if your grammar is anything but good, your reputation will follow suit.
4.) Keep it simple – When you belong to a complicated niche, like health or weight loss, try to appeal to your audience by keeping your content as simple as possible. This means that you have to avoid using technical terms like “complex carbohydrates”, “branch chain amino acids”, and so on. People on the Internet have the attention span of a house fly, and if they don’t like the first few sentences they are reading, they will look for another article.
Blogging is not that difficult, as long as you follow these rules of writing articles for your blog.

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