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In producing a Google AdWords campaign, marketers frequently spend the majority of their time producing their ads and investigating their keywords. There is frequently little or no idea to where the internet user will be sent when the advertisement does its task and generates a click. Frequently marketers send out the internet user to the home page of their website, hoping the website will do the rest of the work. These advertisers are neglecting an extremely fundamental part of their AdWords project: the landing page. An excellent landing page is simply as important as a good ad, excellent keywords and tactical bidding. By developing an effective landing page advertisers can increase conversions, which will make their projects more competitive and profitable.

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When producing your landing page keep in mind to make it specific to the advertisement that is sending out the traffic. Similar to everything else, the landing page should be highly targeted. You much better make sure the corresponding landing page has just that if a surfer clicked an advertisement expecting to discover gold plated doorknobs. There is absolutely nothing worse than having a customer who is prepared to buy but can’t.

The function of your landing page is to transform those clicks into sales or leads. If the web surfer has to click more than 3 times to buy your product you will probably lose the sale. Preferably you want the surfer to click just twice, as soon as on your advertisement, and once on your landing page to get to your order page.

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Keep in mind that internet users are restless. You require to provide what they want with as little effort as possible on their part. Therefore, it is very important to constantly keep your initial goal (conversions) in mind, in addition to to describe the particular keywords and calls to action in your ad, when creating your landing page.


The landing page is where you will utilize all your copywriting skills to finish the sale. As I stated in the past, the objective of your ad is to get the click, and the objective of your landing page is to get the sale. It is in your landing page where you have all the room you need to explain all the benefits and features of your service or product. It is essential to keep in mind that your landing page is your sales page.

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Your advertisement did its job by producing enough interest in the web surfer to click through to your landing page. Now you should continue to hook and draw the possibility into your copy to finish the sale. How will your item or service benefit her?

Continue to expand on your headline in your copy with more benefits for the prospect, and support these advantages with the functions of your service or product. Do this throughout your copy and with subheadings. Ensure you keep the prospect interested and attempt to construct some enjoyment in your product or service.

Usage lots of bullets and lists in your copy to show your benefits and functions. Bullets are essentially small headlines. Bullets can be utilized to summarize all advantages the prospect will gain from your services or product. They can also sum up all the problems your possibility is experiencing which your services or product can fix.


Headlines, subheadings and bullets are extremely crucial aspects of your landing page. If a surfer is scanning your page, they will just read your heading, subheadings, and bullets. Of course there are likewise web surfers who will read your entire page, so you will require to have excellent copy, which provides greater detail and all the details the possibility needs to make a decision.

Since the surfer can not touch the product it is essential that they get as much visual details as they require. The important thing is that the landing page is focused on what the possibility wants. If the possibility is looking for gold plated doorknobs, then when they click your ad they should go to a landing page where they only see pictures of gold plated doorknobs, and just read text that describes the features and advantages of gold plated doorknobs.

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At some point you will require to ask for the sale. This all needs to be done on your landing page. Do not ask the surfer to click through to another page and try to close the sale there. You should close the sale on your landing page. The web surfer must just need to click through to your order page to supply their credit card information. If you are only looking to create leads, have the form they require to fill out on the landing page too.

You must spend the same quantity of time, if not more, producing your landing page as you do developing your advertisement and generating your keywords. By producing efficient landing pages you can improve the total profitability of your campaigns.

If a web surfer clicked an ad anticipating to discover gold plated doorknobs, then you better make sure the matching landing page has just that. Ideally you want the internet user to click just twice, once on your ad, and once on your landing page to get to your order page. As I said in the past, the objective of your ad is to get the click, and the objective of your landing page is to get the sale. It is important to remember that your landing page is your sales page.

Your ad did its job by creating adequate interest in the surfer to click through to your landing page.

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